26 May 2023

Cyfandil Session 7

It's been a week since we payed so I can't remember the campaign dates - probably something like May 21-23, 998 PY. Here is the summary, written by Alyson (Age 13.) 

We started off in the inn where Bob and Nathan soon went out to find an adventure. Both men had to pay 10 GP to their underlings (Bob had to pay ⅓ of his wealth; he was not happy and expressed it thoroughly through threats of firing his henchmen) before venturing out.

 Out there, Bob met some men of the Ebon Hand by accidentally tripping and stumbling into their camp. Nathan didn’t really do anything, but it was clear the group of men were crazy and men of chaos. After saying a brisk goodbye (not a lot of conversing happened sadly) Bob and Nathan returned to the inn where they stayed the night before the next morning. 

Bob left and met up with Bailiff, asking for good areas of adventure, Nathan off eating somewhere, and was rewarded with information. According to Bailiff, taking the East Path would lead to areas full of Sprites and Goblins. Bob grew a bit curious about Sprites after Bailiff told him about them, and naturally started to wonder about pixie dust. 

In a fit of curiosity, he had grabbed Nathan and ordered the wizard to seek out his master/trainer and ask about the dust while he went and met a Wizard back in the inn. She was very old, being 74, and had a very large wart on her nose. After a bit of conversing, with the two being quite childish to each other, the Wizard ‘casted’ a spell on Bob, who in a fit of rage, left. 

Nathan, however, was doing much better. He met up with his trainer and talked with him about pixie dust, which his trainer simply told him that he would buy a pinch of pixie dust for 100 pieces of gold. After saying goodbye to his trainer, Nathan met up with Bob and the two set off down on the East Path where they met a group of clerics in white circled around a cage of Sprites. 

Nathan suggested thievery, but Bob refused. The clerics told the two adventurers about the Red Willow, which was rumored to have treasure, before returning to their circling. 

After a long trek of wandering, the two found the large weeping willow that was crimson red, like the name suggests. Near the willow was the well, and Nathan, who was quite thirsty, decided to take a little sip despite Bob’s warnings. Apparently, there was a taste of metal, and Nathan was able to identify it as gold. After casting nimbus, both of them were able to see a faint glow of gold at the bottom of the estimated 100 feet deep well, pushed to the side where it split both ways. The two decided to return to the inn before returning the next day.

When back at the well, Bob and Nathan devised a plan on how to retrieve the gold. Luckily, there were no wandering monsters nearby at the moment, so they were able to plan with some safety. They decided that Bob was going to tie a rope around him, and drop him into the well. He was going to have a dagger strapped to his belt, a bucket full of rocks in one hand and water skin full of air in the other. Bob returned not too long after successfully retrieving the treasure, dropping the bucket of rocks at the bottom before tying his rope around the treasure to be hauled up. After that, Willy, Bob’s incompetent henchman, pulled Bob up and they decided to return back to the inn to open up the chest.

After purchasing a room, the two opened the chest to reveal that it was full of great treasure– gems, platinum and jewelry! Bob and Nathan became quite rich and wealthy, and now are off training as they reached level 3 and are on the brink of level 4.

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